Why Are You Doing This, Duke?

Why Are You Doing This, Duke?
Why Are You Doing This, Duke? Rating: 4.7/5 - 170 Votes.


“My sweet songbird– my eternal love–
Don’t make such a sad face.
When my little songbird gets sad, it feels like my entire world is raining.”

The Duke, known to many as the grim reaper, “Rowan Peruka”.
He, the very person who was about to chop off my head last month, managed to become my husband?!
He took me in not as a second or third wife, but as the first?!!

I’d love it if this was true love, but this is all thanks to a mysterious magic spell. And the magic spell’s power has been weakening to boot–!

A marriage with a bipolar(?) husband where your own life is at stake,

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Author Trả lời
kyo Anonymous 20 days ago Chapter 28 Báo vi phạm
sao chap nào cũng ko đọc đc vậy
Author Trả lời
Kon sa Member 03:06 10/24 Chapter 81 Báo vi phạm
Author Trả lời
Temptress Anonymous 10:17 10/16 Chapter 80 Báo vi phạm
ya I was like wait what are these foreign names?? Erin and Rowan my beloved characters' names~~
Author Trả lời
Chip Member 10:00 10/16 Chapter 80 Báo vi phạm
Why the names are changed?
  • Author
    Mad Llama Member 10:58 10/25 Report
    Seems like they translated it from the french version
Author Trả lời
Divya Anonymous 22:04 10/14 Chapter 79 Báo vi phạm
Noooooooooooooooo!!!!! This can't happen!!! Ahhhhhh I wanna kill the crown prince so badly !!! You #[email protected]®√¶
Author Trả lời
bella229 Anonymous 21:15 10/14 Chapter 79 Báo vi phạm
what is happening the girl died go die die crown prince !!emo
Author Trả lời
Layla White Member 19:33 10/09 Chapter 76 Báo vi phạm
I just hope the Prince has a good reason for this action, if not I can't help myself but hate him :(((
Author Trả lời
.. . Member 22:04 09/09 Chapter 76 Báo vi phạm
Omg.. i fcking hate the prince!! WHAT KIND OF PRINCE IS HE!??!!?! I HOPE HE DIE SOON 😠😡😡😈😾
Author Trả lời
Mad Llama Member 12:43 09/08 Chapter 76 Báo vi phạm
This delusional rotten prince needs to be burned in hell asap
  • Author
    Hikaruhiromi95 Anonymous 02:04 09/09 Report
    Yeah agree. He has problem 😠😬
Author Trả lời
OvO Anonymous 17:38 09/05 Chapter 5 Báo vi phạm
Author Trả lời
Nhìn gì man? Anonymous 11:39 08/24 Chapter 31 Báo vi phạm
Coan giới thiệu cho các cô bác một truyện cũng thuộc thể loại giống như zầy. Nhây, lầy, mặn và đặc biệt rất hài ó nhan. Truyện tên "Cẩn thận nữ phụ phản diện đấy". Đọc đi, ko đọc kẻo hối hận.😉😉😉
  • Author
    .. Anonymous 09:54 09/13 Report
    truyện lâu lắm rồi ko ra 
Author Trả lời
Nhìn gì man? Anonymous 11:21 08/24 Báo vi phạm
Lô đồng chí🙋
Author Trả lời
Nguyệt Sư Anonymous 17:29 08/23 Chapter 65 Báo vi phạm
Hello every one 
Now. I will teach you to speak Vietnamese without having to take extra classes
Follow me again
                 " Một cây làm chẳng lên non
                Ba cây chụm lại nên hòn núi cao
                   Càng đọc càng thấy tào lao
                Cây làm nên núi được tao chết liền "
Thanks :))) emo
Author Trả lời
. Member 13:39 08/12 Chapter 2 Báo vi phạm
Author Trả lời
Chip Member 19:53 08/09 Chapter 74 Báo vi phạm
emoI can’t see any pictures
  • Author
    Mad Llama Member 11:11 08/10 Report
    So I'm not the only one 🤨
  • Author
    Ngân Kim Member 18:25 08/10 Report
    :( almost can't read any chapter
  • Author
    I Have A Flower Member 02:19 08/11 Report
    You will need to wait a few hours (like I do :) )

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