+ Tic Nee-san - Raw

+ Tic Nee-san - Raw
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    プラスチック姉さん, + Tic Neesan, +チック姉さん, +Tic Elder Sister, +Tic Neesan, Plastic Elder Sister, Plastic Nee-san, Plus Tic Elder Sister, Plus Tic Neesan

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    KURII Cha

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  • Genre

    Comedy - School Life - Seinen

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+ Tic Nee-san - Raw Rating: 5/5 - 12 Votes.


Gag driven, short episodes built around an insane third-year high-school girl (Nee-san), who likes building plastic models in a model-making club along with fellow club members Makimaki and Okappa.

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