Though I May Be a Villainess, I'll Show You I Can Obtain Happiness!

Though I May Be a Villainess, I'll Show You I Can Obtain Happiness!


Annuled Engagements, Take That's, Condemnation Events, Doting, Royals, Reincarnated Heroines, Banishment's fully loaded with all the charms of Villainess'!! A comicalization of 5 popular villainess stories from Shousetsuka ni Narou!! An anthology of 5 oneshots with happy endings!! LINEUP "The Villainess Will Obtain True Love" Hoshino Osome, Author: Nekomata Doremi An annulled engagement at a graduation party?! "The Tale of the Noble Girl who will go to a Monastery after her Engagement Annulment" Sorakura SHIJIKI, Author: Yuuki Satoru Banishment after her younger sister steals her fiance?! "I Will Definitely Get My Engagement Annulled! ~I will become a Villainess!" Kuroe Yui, Author: Reiga Utsuho To break off her engagement, she harasses the daughter of a Baron?! "Shall We Walk Hand in Hand Down the Flowery Path of Evil?" Yamashiro Umemayuge, Author: Mafuyubi After her engagement is annulled, she gets married to a fat old baldy?! "The Villainess Trifles with the Second Prince's First Love" Oshitsuji Ei, Author: Mizuno Saaya After being condemned, the second prince appears before me... ----------------- A sudden engagement annulment, and a quickly approaching condemnation event...!! Tossed aside by the prince, and getting married to [i]this[/i] man...?! All the fiances are crazy about the lovely little sister?! The one to reach out their hand to the villainess who just had her engagement annulled is...?! Despite all the Villainess' stories starting off in dire straights, in the end they're...all happy endings♪ "Shousetsuka ni Narou"'s popular oneshots are gathered here to leave you feeling satisfied in this Villainess Anthology!!

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