The new employee

The new employee
The new employee Rating: 4.7/5 - 6 Votes.
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29 years old - Gay. Job Hunting - Fail. A man who has nothing that even small and medium businesses do not accept, 3 months ago, I officially got my master's degree from a famous university. Seunghyun officially went to work as an AR project intern. Seunghyun in his 20s has experienced a terrible unrequited love, now he doesn't want to give his heart to anyone who works in the same field as him. But he was shaken by Kim Jongchan, a tough-looking head who was very affectionate. Unexpected first love at the company, the first love battle in life, can Seunghyun pass safely? Note: Adapted from the novel of the same name by Moscareto Link Vietnamese ver:

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