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Gamin Yoon, a 17 year old student, goes to a school known to harbor future criminals. Stuck in a carnivorous environment where only the strongest survive, he struggles to get good grades to enter a 4 year university. But, will he be able to study well enough to enter university, or will he get involved in the unending fights around the school?

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:) Anonymous 25 days ago Báo vi phạm
This is so goood
once i started reading i couldn't stop!!!
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Darkling Anonymous 19:40 08/26 Chapter 1 Báo vi phạm
oh man nice twist from the start. lets hope it Continuous with the good story tilling.
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. Anonymous 21:58 08/25 Chapter 71 Báo vi phạm
Ngol zai quá anh ới:33333 mlem mlem
  • Author
    Phạm Alexander Member 18:47 09/15 Report
    BAD GIRL:)
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Ngọc Anonymous 21:47 08/25 Chapter 55 Báo vi phạm
Hí :>> a đzai quá rớt hết liêm sỉ ns yêu anh
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vghfg Anonymous 02:23 03/11 Chapter 45 Báo vi phạm
hú hú !! hóng

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