Owari no Seraph: Ichinose Guren, 16-sai no Catastrophe

Owari no Seraph: Ichinose Guren, 16-sai no Catastrophe
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    Owari no Seraph - Ichinose Guren, a 16 year old's Catastrophe ; Seraph of the End - Ichinose Guren ; 終わりのセラフ 一瀬グレン、16歳の破滅

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    Kagami Takaya

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    Action - Drama - School Life - Shounen - Supernatural

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The apocalypse is not only a certainty, it's near.

Set before the event and the aftermath detailed by the hit manga, this stand-alone prequel light novel series chronicles the inexorable approach of the reign of vampires. Witness the trials of Guren Ichinose, who must hide his true strength even as he is trampled on at an academy for the insufferably privileged.

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Juk Anonymous 11 days ago Chapter 14 Báo vi phạm
Vcll :)))
Author Trả lời
Lewes BD_Siri Member 12:32 11/19/20 Chapter 12.5 Báo vi phạm
Tôi thấy có tiếng Việt ở Chapter này đấy à nha :))
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Xxx Anonymous 17:49 05/03/20 Báo vi phạm
Ra them ₫i

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