Overgeared - Chapter 49

[Last updated: 01:17 18/10/2020]
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Overgeared chap 49 - Trang 1
Overgeared chap 49 - Trang 2
Overgeared chap 49 - Trang 3
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Author Trả lời
a Anonymous 2 days ago Chapter 50 Báo vi phạm
emoworst pun i have ever seen
Author Trả lời
San Kallen Member 8 days ago Báo vi phạm
The plot is good, but chapters are coming very slowly and its so tiring to wait for them.

Im reading novel, advice you guys to read on wuxialibemo
Author Trả lời
cheezy Anonymous 9 days ago Chapter 49 Báo vi phạm
too short
Author Trả lời
Saitama Member 20:21 09/19 Chapter 45 Báo vi phạm
emoI god damn sincerely love this manga please never stop making this manga i shall support you in future with all my might!
Author Trả lời
Perle Anonymous 20:21 09/19 Chapter 45 Báo vi phạm
Give him back his shield emo
Author Trả lời
Sasaki Haise Member 15:34 04/04 Báo vi phạm
wtf , bé loli tóc đỏ ở tiệm rèn của tao đâu , sao lại cho tg cha già này vậy
Author Trả lời
Binh Tưkim Member 13:55 04/04 Báo vi phạm
Amazing pls keep going (◕ᴗ◕✿)
Author Trả lời
Korito Anonymous 14:29 04/01 Chapter 2 Báo vi phạm
Oh đây là phiên bản đẹp hơn của overgeared👍