Lady Beast

Lady Beast
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The only goal in life for Elise, the princess of the Kingdom of Grandia, is to survive. She was married to the Duke Jin Jo, the madman of Landel. I expected to get love, but he did not even pay attention to her.

Then one day, the curse began. "It's going to be really crazy because of the moon," Jin Jo said. "I am also in trouble because of 'it' that happens every morning."
The curse switched my husband's body and mine! Can we break the curse and switch back?

Elijah, la princesa del Reino de Grandia, su único objetivo en la vida era sobrevivir. Estaba casada con el duque de Gwen Ginger, un loco de Landel. Esperaba recibir amor, pero él ni siquiera le prestó atención. Entonces, un día, comenzó la maldición.

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jordan Anonymous 14:54 01/20 Chapter 12 Báo vi phạm
whats the manga called for the first picture with the blonde haired girl and blue hairded guy?
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1 Anonymous 06:50 05/24/19 Báo vi phạm
Author Trả lời
Oh Anonymous 13:37 05/12/19 Chapter 1 Báo vi phạm
Dịch truyện ni đi

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