Jubunnoichi no Hanayome

Jubunnoichi no Hanayome
Jubunnoichi no Hanayome Rating: 4.3/5 - 31 Votes.
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Ryuunosuke is the heir to his father’s wealthy business that, due to a trauma, become a shut in.

One day, his father took him back in order to prepare him to inherit the business. Ryuunosuke finds out that he is required to date 10 women candidates whom one of them will become his wife.

Every woman has their own personal reason to be a candidate but one person will be dismissed after every week. Who will be the chosen one at the end?

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Author Trả lời
Kira Cessair Member 17:03 03/03 Chapter 39 Báo vi phạm
God this is the best part of the manga for sure
Author Trả lời
Kira Cessair Member 15:58 10/16/20 Chapter 24 Báo vi phạm
I know how you feel, hime is bitch
Author Trả lời
Mangareader Member 15:03 08/30/20 Chapter 20 Báo vi phạm
Damn hime is a total B**ch

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