Isekai Yakkyoku - Raw

Isekai Yakkyoku - Raw
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A young pharmacologist and researcher in Japan died from overworking, and was reincarnated in a Medieval Parallel Europe. He was reincarnated as a 10-year-old apprentice to a famous Royal Court pharmacist, had attained an inhuman skills of ability to see through disease, material creation, and material destruction.

In a society in which dubious medical practice are rampant, price gouging thru the monopoly of the pharmacist guild, and good medicine arent available to the commoners. He was recognized by the Emperor at that time and opened a Pharmacy at the corner of the town.

He will wipe out the fraud that has swept the world, and deliver to the commoners a truly effective medicine that was developed using present day pharmacology. Thus the boy pharmacist will cheat by using his previous knowledge to create innovative medicines while helping the people of the parallel world, a story about living his new life to the fullest this time.

The popular web novel now comes in manga form!

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Shura Magami Anonymous 18:11 08/25/20 Chapter 30.2 Báo vi phạm
Next chapter is in 23rd of September. A long time to wait T__T
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Trần Mỹ Duyên 6A3 Member 18:16 07/16/20 Chapter 29 Báo vi phạm
emochap mới đi mà
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¤ Anonymous 22:31 05/01/20 Chapter 28 Báo vi phạm
Vòng tròn
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    ¤ Anonymous 13:25 08/08/20 Report
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Rega Alex Member 04:54 11/24/19 Chapter 25.1 Báo vi phạm
emonot bad, just need some ecchi there
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ur mom Anonymous 10:57 09/19/19 Chapter 24.2 Báo vi phạm
Author Trả lời
Anonymous 18:17 07/28/19 Chapter 22 Báo vi phạm

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