Ferocious Princess

Ferocious Princess
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    拒绝暴君专宠:凶猛王妃,拒绝暴君宠:凶猛王妃,拒绝暴君专宠:凶猛王妃,Refusing the Tyrant's Favor:the Fierce Princess

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    KaiYuan Comic

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    Action - Romance

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Ferocious Princess Rating: 4/5 - 14 Votes.


As a talented agent, she failed to make a successful time-travel during her first task in which she dropped onto the bed of a tyrant and broke his sex. Knocked out, she regarded the man as a man-whore and paid him for their sex. Obviously she went too far. However, tyrants are for torturing, money for spending, kungfu for teasing and beauty for seduction.

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