Evolution of a Perfect Hubby

Evolution of a Perfect Hubby
Evolution of a Perfect Hubby Rating: 3.8/5 - 41 Votes.


When she was 3, he was 10; she called him brother. When she was 8, she was 17; she slept with him on the same bed. When she was 17, he was 24, and she threw a shoe on his face, calling him "dad of my baby"! "What!!!" Lixing Ji, 24, male, President of Ji's Group, afraid of nobody and nothing but the little devil girl who has tortured him for 14 years. Even worse, he started to feel something else towards her...

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kami yuri Anonymous 12:17 07/29 Chapter 153 Báo vi phạm
Mọi người tải Mangatoon về mà đọc, truyện này trên đó end rồi đó, trên đó tên là Ông chồng hoàn mĩ nha!
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Lisa Anonymous 13:23 07/17 Chapter 150 Báo vi phạm
Bên Việt Nam Nó Ko Ra Nữa Thì Phải
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    Hy Du Member 08:16 07/28 Report
    Tầm 30 chap nữa là chốt truyện rồi nên đợi bản anh ra xem cho đỡ chờ đợi. Bên Trung end rồi
Author Trả lời
Liz Anonymous 22:49 05/21 Chapter 134 Báo vi phạm
Why is she now so easily manipulated by people it's ridiculous
Author Trả lời
Estie D Member 04:51 05/10 Chapter 97 Báo vi phạm
For once for this sort of chinese romantic comic, it's a really good story. But Zhenghao Shang didn't deserve to die like that!!! and the ML has become incredibly ruesome and hateful!!!
Author Trả lời
Liz Anonymous 05:58 05/07 Chapter 126 Báo vi phạm
Haha how he feel how she felt all those years
Author Trả lời
Channel YUMI!! Member 00:13 04/23 Chapter 122 Báo vi phạm
here's the whimper ml sometimes I like him but I don't

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