Emergency Love

Emergency Love
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    Emergency! How to Deal with Love ,Eung-geub! Salang-e Daecheohaneun Bangbeob,Чрезвычайная ситуация! Как противостоять любви,응급! 사랑에 대처하는 방법

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    Gang Gyu Won - Tobi (토비)

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    Comedy - Romance - Shoujo - Webtoon

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Emergency Love Rating: 5/5 - 4 Votes.


Despite having no connections and oppositions from her family, Shin Chae-rin went to practice medicine as an intern at Migang Hospital. There she meets a doctor by the name of Baek Kangwoo who has everything in his favor yet wants to give up his training. This is a love story blossoming in the emergency room where Chaerin struggles with her daily work and her love for Kangwoo.

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